Monday, January 26, 2009

Sometimes a Walk in the Park, sometimes not so much

Jan. 26,

Thursday, Audra’s mom arrived.  Such a great lady.  It was so nice to see both so content to have one another in close proximity again, after a long four months.  Friday night Audra and I went out with the Bishop’s daughters; a couple of our guy friends, Felipe and Joel; and we met up with quite a few of the girl’s cousins.  We had an amazing night thanks to such awsome people.  Everyone when out of there way to make it a great night.  I was soo thrilled that Audra really enjoyed her birthday dance party.  I danced like mad!  The music stoped at 2am, Bogota has an early cirfue(sp?).  The guys, Audra and I rode back to our apartment to get something to eat at the same resteraunt I wrote about earlyer that “have the best hamburgers in Bogota”.  But this time I got a chicken sandwich.  Really... really, food is sooo much beter when you are really hungry.  Man was that a good sandwich. 

I forgot to tell you about a really odd conversation Audra and I had with the two priests when we were in Faca.  I remember it now because it circles back around to this same gas station restaraunt.  The conversation began discussing what industries  the comunity could invest themselves in.  One idea was to produce humus, you know the rich black soil that can be sold, not the greek spread made from chickpeas.  Then the conversation turned to the the posibility of a worm farm.  Worms in spanish is lombris.  Yet, they were speaking of night-crawlers, as far as I could tell.  Ok, so you need to know that these guys were going inbetween jokes and deep conversation since we began the trip and these are the kind of guys you have to search to see if they are joking or not.  Back to the conversation.  So from the subject of a worm farm the priests started to talk about how hamburgers are made from worms.  So Audra and I began to search for what was getting lost in translation. A bit desperatley.  Especially since we had just eaten hamburgers the other night. I am all for any way that we can adjust our culture to live sustainably, including a diet rich in bug protein,  but to think you’ve eaten worms when you expected beef, that is a bit disconcerting.  To this moment we have no idea what is true or not.

So my first morning waking up without Audra there was a bit sad.  I am use to having someone to talk to all the time.  I got up and had a very lazy morning watching tv, and of course I got into the kitchen and started cooking.  I spent a great part of the morning practicing the guitar!  It was nice, watching some crazy movies while practicing.  at 3pm I remembered I really needed to get my own cell phone straightned out.  So just as it began to rain I made my way out the door.  So South America is chock full of small businesses.  I was able to find two Comtell cell phone providers on the same block (there are probably more).  The last one I went to had the phone charger I needed in stock.  This was probably the 5th store I had asked.  So I had my US AT&T phone unblocked, all of it caust more than expected, but it is worth it to have a Colombian cell phone.  I have already input numbers from church friends.

Sunday was lovely.  San Pablo has officialy iniciated two church services.  One at 9 and the other at 11.  For anyone who knows me, knows that I attended both services with glee.  I think this is a great oportunity to meet more people.  It also looks as though a different priest will give the sermon at each service, which is doubly cool.  I am officially a lay reader here.  the first service I read the first lesson, the second I read the second.  I have to remind myself to breath often right before I start reading, but then I am just focused on scripture and its words.

I had an interesting and intense conversation with a coworker about the vality of Missions.  It took me by surprise, to say the least. At one point he was being so stuborn and not wanting to listen that I tried to end the conversation! So yeah, he got my goat, so to speak.  Thank God I prayed through it, and we were able to have a civil conversation.  I don’t think he has read or comprehended Christ’s call to send out missionaries.  His issue is that he just dosn’t think we can do anygood for a comunity if we don’t live here the rest of our lives.  I am now praying that God will use Audra and I to give him more hope.  As I also pray for a lot of patience!  

Slowly but surley I am re-establishing my prayer routine.  It really is the best way to start the day.  It is funny how Bogota can distract me as much as Birmingham does.  

Oh, I want to let you guys know how wonderfull the giving of the peace is at San Pablo.  It is almost like being home at Saint Andrew’s!  You get out of your seat and you pass the peace to everyone.  It is so wonderfull!

Blessings and Peace  

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CristalM said...

You know, my son kept insisting that alot of the burgers in Bogota were worm burgers, but I never believed him! Uh-oh!