Monday, February 2, 2009

Week Without Audra

This week I have spent without Audra has been, okay.  I think it would have been wiser to take Miriam and Oscar, Audra’s privious host-family, up on their offer to stay with them for the week.  I didn’t for the sake of convenience because I didn’t think I would have the chance to practice the guitar like I have here.  It also seemed like it would be more stressfull to transplant myself for a week for the sake of avoiding some solitude.  However I now realize that 1.  I havn’t lived alone in years.  The past year I was living amonst 11-12 other environmental educators or my Aunt and Uncle.  2.  I am in a new country and don’t really know anyone.  Yeah, I have numbers in my new phone, but they don’t do me any good if I don’t feel comfortable just calling folks up. I didn’t want to be a pest, yah know.  I get the feeling that the guys who serve as guardes and work in the payed parking lot think I am a bit of a recluse.  Oh well.  Let’s just call this a test.  I was wondering where I would want to live when Audra goes back to the states.  I will plan on living with a family...yeah, I think that would be a good idea.  

Oh, and by the way, I realize now that my phone dosen’t even work.

It is amazing how much there is to do when traveling.  I had to-do lists that wouldn’t quite before I left and I am still taking care of responsibilities day by day. However, it is probably easier to come up with a to-do list with such easy access to internet. 

Saturday I am going to get out of the apartment to hang-out and read at a cafe and go to the  National Park.  I havn’t been as dedicated to reading as I want to be.  I have decided not to read books in English for the time being.  I have just started La Cabaña (The Shak) in Spanish.  It is slow going.  

Today I started my first online Spanish class.  These classes are really great.  I use a programe called skype to audiovisually connect with a language school in Quito Ecuador, Vida Verde.  I attended this school when I was in Quito.  It was a plus to already know some of the folks there.  I am going this route because I couldn’t find another language school in Bogota, other than the university.  The class was a nice diversion and I think it will serve my needs very well.  The only issue is that they need a set schedule and that is something that seems like will prove very difficult.  Aparantly Audra and I are to begin our work in Southern Bogota next week.  However, no one knows exactly what day or days this will occure. 

I spoke with the priest from the church in Northern Bogota about Theological classes that are being arranged to begin in march to be held in the church office.  These classes will be for those interested in the ministry.  I asked the Bishop if I would be able to attend and he more or less said yes.  I am sooo excited. I really hope this does happen and I am able to attend.  How amazing would it be to take Theological classes in Spanish!!  I am all a twitter with expectation.  

Saturday past beautifully for the most part.  I left the apartment at about 10:30 and walked to the National Park.  I walked around and read in my book for a couple of hours. I then walked to a chain coffee shop named Juan Valdez.  There I bought my first “El Tiempo” newspaper.  I drank a coffee that had ground cardomon in it.  I just wanted to try something different.  I know some of you are making some awful faces right now at the thought of Cardomon and coffee.  At first I was wondering if I had made a good choice, but after a few sips it became quite nice.  It left a very fresh aftertaste.  There I read for an hour or so from the newspaper and made my way to El Exito.  This is the store that Audra and I most frequent.  It is a small version of a megastore.  It is the only place close to us that has a full grocerystore.  I had brought my small backpack and was able to carry my grocies home with me in comfort.  

The rest of the day was a bit lonely.  I did get to talk to some aquaintances who had come to wash their cars and do some cleaning up, but only for a moment.

Sunday was much more fulfilling.  I attended both services again.  Inbetween some of the folks attended a meeting about the church news.  On the agenda to talk about was getting some groups started up.  One will be to provide childrens church, Audra and I will be leading this I think.  Another is to get the women of the church more active.  Some of the ladies finaly got motivated to start our Episcopal Women’s group.  We will be meeting up at the Bishop’s house, by invitation of his wife.    

After the 11 o’clock service we went downstairs for coffee/tea.  I met up with Mirium and Oscar and admited to Mirium that I had been lonley.  She responded with a waging finger that she had told me so : - ). I went with them to their apartment to have lunch and another lady from the church came with us.  It was a lovely visit that ended with me walking briskly back to the apartment as it became dark.

I am relieved that Audra will be returning tomorrow.  Tomorrow morning, Monday, I am going to El Exito to get a couple of grocery items to supply for Audra and her mom.  

I survived a week on my own.  Although, without precision.  

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