Friday, February 20, 2009

A new perspective

Bare (bear...?) with me folks this trip is going to take a couple of instalments to get everything across that I want to share with you.  We have just arrived back in Bogota, having been in Cartagena since the 11th.  My birthday is this Sunday Yah!  We are planning to through-down latin style in the dance club saturday.  I finaly got to open the package that my dad had sent. It had arrived right after we left.  I opened all the letters just today, friday. To all of you who wrote your warm regards and birthday wishes thank you sooo very much!!  It means so much to know I am being thought of .
A few quick notes about the trip.  Next week I will have time to write a proper report of the happenings.
First: The Conneticut group was an absolute BLAST!!  And so very generously cared for Audra and I, it humbled me.  It was so great to be in such a relaxed environment with so many clergy including La Opispo (Bishop Laura), and the amazing lay people. It was great just be tourists for a while with them.  
We saw some absolutley amazing sites of the "barrios" ( I think it is like towns) of Cartegena. 
I was blown away with how active and energized the local people are within the Episcopal church there and the organizations that the church participates in.  They have incredible leadership built up.  I really want to get you guys as excited as I am about what can really be done to improve their quality of life.  We were blessed to get to know the two siminarians who are ministering in this are.  Carlos and his brother Steven are young men who are filled to overflowing with the Holy Spirit.  They have brought new energy and hope into these region; they will certainly increase the fruite being produced there.  Father Rafael and his family are so very dear.  He is the priest of Cartegena.  This is a man with real vision and a solid head on his shoulders.  This city has been experiencing diocesen growth, new missions being build, needs are begining to be met in some areas and in other areas there is concrete movment into acction.  The companion dioces of Conneticut, with the help of Audra and I, are going to get some of these projects the suport they need to succeed.  This is such an amazing partnership because there is already such strong local leadership.  We have made a lot of new friends and Audra and I will now be working with the Bishop so that we may hopefully return to Cartegena for a month or so to really get to follow Carlos and Steven in there ministry.

Consider this a teaser!  Tons and Tons of Photos are soon to come.

Much love, blessings and Peace 

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