Friday, February 6, 2009

And there Running!!

Ok, so graciamente (thankfully) Audra is back and everything seems right with the world.  Well, perhaps a bit exagerated, but I am really glad to have her back.  I have been having a great time with her and Evet (her mom).  We've been going out to some of the local markets and Evet has been cooken' up some fine food for us. - Thanks Evet.  I am continuing to practice the guitare and little by little I am forming calluses, I might have already said this, but bare with me.  I am reallly getting into my reading, and my Spanish is comming along poco a poco (bit by bit).  Feb.  is going to be a crazy month!  This week we have Evet, she leaves tuesday and Wednesday Audra and I are flying to Cartagena.  Take a look at a map as soon as you get the chance.  Cartegena is on the Norther Coast of Colombia, extreemely well know.  We are going up there early to have some time of our own to get to know the city a bit.  Saturday a mission group from a church from Conneticut ( Colombia's companion diocese) will be meeting us in Cartegena and we will spend about a week translating and just participating in their service mission.  We will be returning on the 20th at 1230 and at 130 the following hour we will go from the national airport to the international airport to pick up a friend of Audra's who will be visiting for a couple of weeks.  We are planning on visiting an eco-hostel or such while she is visiting and of course a lot more.  
In the mean time we are still figuring out our work and schedule.  So far we have a lot on the books, but nothing has started yet.  It looks like we will be working two days a week at the mission church in southern bogota, thursdays teaching english to kids in the evening and saturdays teaching english to siminarians here in the office.  Audra and I might tag team the thursday and saturday events.  It is looking hopefull that, as long as I am in town, I will be welcome to take the theological classes with the siminarians.  Yahh!!
My next project is getting into dance classes.  Pilar has offered to help me out.  I have got to get into a routine of dancing or I might just start bouncing off the walls! :,D 
The fun part of our upcomming events is that I have an excuse, and need, to buy cloths for hot weather.  The downer is that there will be a lot of expenses racking up including the flight to cartegena (it would take over 24 hours by bus), lodging, meals and such.  So I am going to have to figure some things out.  But it will all work out.  
I will be sure to let you know how it all goes.

Blessings and Peace

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