Saturday, January 10, 2009

I'm Here!!!

Well, I arrived in Bogota at 10ish Wednesday night, with a headache but none the worse for ware.  The best sight ever was to see Audra smiling and waving to flag me down as I exited the International airport.  It is a bit disconcerting to not know what to expect when one arrives in a foreign Country, but everything worked out beautifully.  
Audra and I are great roommates, we talk almost entirely in spanish, prepare and eat familiar/favorite foods and we are now getting our apartment organized and supplied with necessary items.  Thankfully the church is paying for most of the needed items. It really is quite cute especially once we got dishes, a shower curtain and plugged the hole in the shower :.).
It is priceless to have the freedom to cook just what we need.  It is very uncommon, well just entirely unlikely, for Colombians to have a dinner of sautéed vegies. That, by the way, was our dinner last night.  
I have already registered with the gov., thanks to Pilar.  Pilar is the secretary, more or less, for the Bishop.  She is invaluable!!  I will be able to pick up my Colombian ID next week.  I am totally official, how fantastic is that!!  It is such a HUGE difference between my first few days here as apposed to Quito in '07, way less stress :.).
Well now I am going to try to send out emails from my Mission gmail account.  Keep an eye out

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