Wednesday, January 14, 2009

'Aint no Mountain High Enough

Tuesday was a frustrating workday.  First of all this grant that I have mentioned was first given to Audra the day before I arived!  She had only had one full day to work on it untill this past Tuesday.  How crazy is that!  These folks don’t understand that this is a thing to work on for weeks or even months.  We were given a cople of days.  So all day tuesday, because Monday was a holiday here, we worked on the grant, wording, rewording and getting new information about what the project is actually about.  At every conversation we were given new information that changed the idea or format of the project!  Please, please, please pray for this grant to be fulfilled because they really do need it to build on a plot of land that the government has lent them.  If they don’t get the money they can’t build and they will lose the land.  So please pray for a miracle, because we really have no confidence in the writen grant.  

Well, that tuesday evening Audra and I went around the corner of the block to a climbing gyme called La Gran Pared.  So I went there with the mentality that yea I’ll try it out, but I am never going to love it because I am not so comfy with heights.  Well it was three of us.  Audra, a girl she climbs with and myself.  We began climbing one after another.  I started off better than I thought I would.  As we were going up and down I met some of there climbing friends, all men.  We talked about our work as Missionaries and after a bit I realized this could be an awsome evangelizing oportunity.  Well, I was still nervous of the heights and I was all well and good, but I wasn’t loving it.  I went over to the oposing wall and prayed to be able to enjoy climbing so that I could share this time with Audra and get to know these folks even better.  Can I just tell you, that God just blows me away sometimes because as I began to climb I suddenly understood the atraction to this sport.  It is like one huge puzzle between me and the wall and how to get my body to the top.  I stoped thinking of the height and was concentrating on where and how to move next.  It was all of a sudden so much fun!  I am now hooked on climbing.  I finally did give up, but not because of fear of heights, my body was exhausted.  So now bit by bit I am going to concure La Gran Pared :.). 

After climbing, Audra, her friend, Mateo, and I went to have the “best hamburgers in Bogota”.  Which turns out to be located in the gas station across from our appartment/church/office, who would have guessed?  And ya know they were pretty good.


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CristalM said...

That was my kids' favorite hamburgers, too! It is also one of the few places you can buy Skittles so it was a regular stop after church!
God Bless you!