Tuesday, January 13, 2009

First Tuesday in Colombia

My first few days in Colombia have been pretty great.  The first days Audra and I simply marveled at our new lives here.  For her it is like a totally new life also.  She had been living with a wonderful family close to the church.  They love her dearly and she appreciates them a great deal, however living with a native older adult couple comes with its own stresses.  
We are living in an apartment on the bottom level of the church and church office, everything is in the same building.  Also we have a guard on duty 24/7 with a locked gate and guard dogs.  Toby is huge, black and so very fluffy.  We have become friends.  Unfortunately  he has abandonment issuesthat manifest in displaced aggressive growls, we are working through these issues slowly. He use to live with the Bishop and his family, now he is alone outside all the time.  
We live in a very metropolitan area, we can literally walk 2 blocks to five dance clubs.
Saturday night Audra and I went dancing.  I met up with a real sweet guy 17 years old who dances really well.  I got my to show off my skills as all of us struggled with communicating amidst very loud music in two languages since so many people here want to practice their English when speaking with us.  We simply continue to respond in Spanish.  
Audra unfortunately had difficulty in shaking unwanted admirers.  But in the end it was all fine.  
This weekend we went to the mall and purchased a couple of articles of clothing that fit the style.  Really a lot of fun.  And what would shopping be without great food, so we had a lovely lunch at a place called Crepes and Waffles, it is all around the world apparently.  
We continue to eat very well and to get our apartment set up.  
Audra is great at making new friends so we have a list of people we can meet up with already.  
Oh, I have already set up guitar lessons for sundays.  I am really excited to have extracurricular activities.
Next I will be searching our Spanish classes and Dance classes.  

Peace dear friends,



Lawbabe said...

L-C, here's a post on the Diocesan Blue Sheet, in case you don't get that:

World Mission Sunday
Please note that February 22, 2009 has been designated World Mission Sunday by the International Concerns Committee of the Executive Council of the Episcopal Church. The day may be used to help our parishes become more aware of Global Mission, and especially our own missionaries from Alabama: The Rev. Jeremy and Penny Lucas in Namibia, and Laura-Catherine Conville in Central America. Our parishes are also encouraged include our missionaries in the Prayers of the People on a weekly basis.

Just thought you'd like to see that there will be a special day to pray for you here!

Martha Jane

Rod Jones said...

L-C, Please know my thoughts & prayers for your safety & success are with you during your mission in Colombia. Let me know if you need more funds from your account. Blessings abound.

Rod Jones

Olson said...


I eat at Crepes and Waffles when I travel to Ecuador. The food there IS delicious! I wish I had five dance clubs within a few blocks of my apartment.

I am joyful you are safe, sound, and loving your experience.