Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Photos of Bosa


This is our Humble Home
This is the lot we are hoping to buy
to make our new humble Home
so far we lack the $$

Inside view of our humble little chaple
We share chairs with the mission
and they are brought in before each service
The outside view of the chaple.
The holes in the walls have grown
large enough for small children and dogs
to crawl through
I supose its time to patch them up Heehehe
The view out from the second floor window
The park where the kids play is to the centerish leftish
The street I walk that gets me to and from the Mission
I finaly wrote up the house rules 
along side are the consecuenses for 
breaking the rules
It has worked quite well
Settling down for lunch
Some days this is easyer than others
Because it has been requested 
I have included a few photos with me in the frame.
This is the kitchen
(actually as of yesterday the fridge in the background
burned out and we had to replace it with another doner fridge)
The young women by the table is Estefania who has been helping
out every day as a volunteer
The family in the morning

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Alicia said...

i don't know why, but seeing you in the pictures brought tears to my eyes in a good way. Thank you for including yoruself in a few. You are learning so much!! I am envious. :)