Thursday, August 27, 2009

Photos from Quibdo

Looking through my eyes while I was in Quibdo

This is father Edison
The towns big Catholic cathedral
Our first evening in Quibdo there was an amazing 
storm that brewed as we wandered around the center. 
This picture was taken in a dark street at night just as 
 lightning flashed iluminating this photo.
Way cool.

These next few photos are from the program 
that Father Edison leads.
It is a program of integral education where
the kids learn sports, chess, how to behave and 
work in a team and group, etc.
I photographed many a foul.
Father Edison gathering the group for
a serious talk.
The kids have big personalities
and great smiles
Photo out of order:
The street side market place
A child preparing to leave after
a long hot day of soccer.
A view of the town is in the background
The street side market where you can 
buy platano, chopiduros, dried fish 
and all sorts of other colorful, delicious
tropical fruits and vegies

Long boats bringing in the Platanos
This is the popular form of transportation.
Costs 500 pesos = $.25
She's recieving change

Platanos are a principal element of the
food here
A colorful display of a particular variety of mango,
they are about the size of one's palm.
I have a lot of photos of this fruit
because they are so beautiful
Washing the limes
A bunch of dried fish

The long boats that bring the havests
from accross the river
A georgeous display of the goodness
the earth gifts us with

The Parking Lot
Cooling off the platano?
Flash Dance Style

The Cornacopia of Quibdo


Alicia said...

beautiful! adam is working here now and told us about his PC trip in Vanauatu and all the fruits there too. I need to look at a map of the places you have been!

gutimo8 said...

Hello ms. conville choco it's amazing. I have a litte correction to you. the fruit that´s you call champiduro, really is chontaduro. see ya!!!