Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Photos from Bucaramanga

Friends, Fun and Sites of a whirl-wind tour of Bucaramanga

Padre Jorge Chowing-down on some Goat...It was really Good
Taking a break in a local café
Love these doors from a Catholic Church

Colombia's Independence day parade in front of the Episcopal Church/ home
The mission up the hill

Bible School with the youth group
Local friends
Youth Group Bible Study Singing

Here we are all together in the humbly constructed Church
The Church Kitchen
Youth Group

A view of the Mission Comunity
a chick in a bird cage...I found it humerous
The president of the Comunity who is responsible for the electricity, recent wave of construction and the begining stages of a school whith the latest pride and desks
From left to right Father Fernando, a member of the parrish, the president of the community and Deacon Eduin
Future site of the constructed church, housing and school

Evening mass 
The main church and where Father Jorge and his wife live
The street in front of the Church/home

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