Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The orphanage?

I have recently received some wonderful emails / comments about the work in Bosa. The interesting theme running through these messages is calling the mission an orphanage. I was struck at how this title could have been interpreted. I first thought that I had unintentionally manipulated the function of Mission Operation Rescue. But then I began to process what it means to be an orphan, reflecting on the condition of our children.

What does Christ mean when he calls us to care for the orphans along with the widows. I believe that an orphan, and at that a widow, is someone who is not being fully loved nor fully provided for. The parents of this community don’t know how to show love for their children. I don’t doubt that the parents do love their children, the tragedy is that their children don’t know that. I have had a few conversations with some kids where I asked if they knew that their parents loved them. The responses were between ‘I don’t know” or “I don’t think so”.

These children face home lives where their parents work long hours, don’t have the money to provide everything for their children, their may be alcohol abuse and their is definitely physical abuse and phycological abuse of one degree or another. These children come to the mission starving for love and affection more than anything. They are in desperate need of mature, Christ centered guidance.

So the mission is not an actual orphanage, because all the children at least have one parent and a home to go to in the evenings. Yet, these children need us during the day just as an orphan needs a home to go to at night.

I am understanding God’s call to service a bit more. What it means to live out the faith fully and loudly. As faithful followers of the Lord everything we do is to bring Him glory and healing to our brothers and sisters. We are not the jobs we perform it is who we serve. I will deeply try to live out a life of service to you and those around me. Keep me accountable and we will grow together.

I caught up on the blog of a fellow missionary Robin Denney and HIGHLY suggest that you read her incredible account of the tragedies, trills and blessing facing the Sudan. I ask you at least read her latest 2 posts. I have taken her up as a mentor and she encourages my walk as a missionary <>

Be blessed, be at peace and laugh out loud!

LauraCatherine Conville

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Mallory Holding said...

Hey...I do know Kyle in fact right now I am living at her apartment shes been a lot of help to me in starting all this. Hope Colombia is going well how much longer are you there for?