Wednesday, September 9, 2009

One Chapter closses another begins

Today is Audra's last day as a YASC missionary in Colombia.  She flies out at 4pm.  This time had to come sometime, but it comes with mixed emotions and some tears.  The reality of this dear person no longer being a room away will hit me soon, but for now I am trying not to think about it.  We have had amazing adventures, experiences, food (amazingly bad and amazingly good)  and laughing fits that threatened to exfixiate us both.   But we all know that Colombia hasn't seen the last of Audra Mari Krislock, nor have I. I love that girl dearly and I know we will be great friends from here on out.

As of two weeks ago Kate arrived to begin her year in Colombia as a YASC missionary.  For the first 4-6weeks she will be living with a parish family.  It is the same family that hosted Audra for four months and me for a week.  

They are great people and they are really help

ing get Kate going in this n

ew country with its language, currency, food and all.  I am trying to help her the best I can establish a stable and fulfilling work schedule.  She is pre-med and we have hopes of her working in Soacha with the community there, get hooked up with Doctors without Boarders and help get the AIDS and HIV mission up and going.  Until we can get that squared away she is putting in time in Libratadores and Bosa.  She is a sweet and charming young adult and I look forward to getting to know her all the better when it is time for her to move into the apartment.  

We are expecting Brittany the final missionary to arrive late this month.  She to will have a home-stay with a member of the parish.  So I will have alone time in the apartment at least until the end of September and b

y November there will be three ladies in this quaint sea-foam green apartment.  

I realize I haven't intentionally been without roommates since moving out of my parents house.  It might be a bit strange, but with my new work schedule and friends I haven't actually found myself in the apartment all that often, except to sleep and watch the occasional movie.

As for Bosa.  We keep chugging along.  I am loving my new position more and more.  One of my climbing friends has taken it upon himself to help me with the mission.  We are in the process of writing out a business plan. It it we are gathering data for a Monthly, weekly, daily food budget.  This involves hunting out the best prices and methods.  This has been made more simple by the weekly menu that I made out a month.  WIth this we can plan ahead for meal preparations and have a regular inventory of exactly what is needed each week/month.  We are also writing up a letter called "SOS Operacion Rescate" which wich will be used in Spanish and English to call to arms the need for monetary donations.  Along with this I am setting up a meeting with Fr. Edgar who is the technical website guy for the diocese and will be helping us get a Operacion Rescate website.  I hope to come away with some great knowledge there.  Once the Business plan is finished I will be able to set up dates to meet with a lot of fancy people who are looking for a good cause to donate to such as embassies, owners of large and small businesses, bank vice-president, etc.  

So I now find myself in this grass-roots, project coordinating, business planing work schedule and I have never been more fulfilled in a job before.  Well Camp McDowell comes very very close.  It is just that next step I needed.  

I was wondering where that put me in the way of my future plans.  I am still in love with sustainable agriculture and want that to be a part of my future, but I now see what I am capable of and want to take advantage of this ability and drive.  Matt St. John for Episcopal Relief and Development (ERD) came down for another visit.  He was first here in March.  I went with him, Fr. Alberto and Fr. Antonis to visit Bosa.  Along the ride I asked him how I might combine these talents and desires.  He confirmed that I could do most anything along this line with a masters in public health.  The only thing is that I need to figure out my concentration before I get into the program.  Thankfully I have a while before I have to make that decision.  In the mean time if you have any suggestions don't be shy!  Really! 

This Saturday there will be a small health fair for the children in Bosa.  It will include a couple of doctors from the Cathedral and some doctors, specialist, phsycologist, etc. who are available to put in some time.  Fr. Alberto will not be their so I get to help organize this event.  I plan to take my camera and Kate so that I can come back with some photos.  

Remember to take notice of the beauty and blessings that are surrounding you at this moment.  Don't let a day go by without appreciating your life, friends and loved ones.  And be sure to make up any excuse to laugh out loud!!

Blessings, Peace, Love and Laughter,

LauraCatherine Conville

Kate is on the right

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