Wednesday, November 4, 2009

A trip to the Farm

Four Days in the Farm


Me in front of the House

Some Chickens..The little one in the center
has a bit of a Napoleon Complex

I'm milking a cow...not the first time
Akwardly Poseing
Wood burning Oven
The Hands of the Grandmother
They are beautiful, soft and she never uses
pot holder. Her hands are a marvel of having
a life of cooking for 9 children and all their family.
The look of love after some 50 years
How beautiful
This is the families daily routine
Milking the cows
Grandfather taking a rest
Everyone freaks out when I pick-up a lizard or
worm. It made me a bit of a legend, even in Farm Country
Some beautiful views
Reminds me of Dr.Seuss' "the lorax"
Bit by bit I'm getting better at light control with my camera
Hope you enjoyed the trip....

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