Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Los Llanos, Yopal...and a Wedding

Los Llanos is the planes region of Colombia.
It is as distict in culture and environment as the Amazons or the Coast.
I was invited as a guest to attend a family wedding this past weekend.
Los Llanos is marked with its own accent, music, cultural flare,
warm hearted and inviting people and lots and lots of Meat.
I loved it all. Thanks to all for the kindness and
enormous generasoty I was shown.
A halmark of this great family.


Bride and Groom
It was a wedding to confirm the
long comited relationship they have been sharring
over the past couple of decades
It is the distinct music of los Llanos
I like it even better than Vallanato
It has a feeling of bluegrass meats folk, but different

Some family Pics

A beautiful visit to a beautiful river.
This is the season for the river to be low.

The Llanos is marked with a
traditional cowboy culture. With its
proficent horse handling, enormous numbers of cows.
The land of a Man's Man

This is a cousin, Oscar, 14 years old
I was very impressed with his riding
It inspired me to get back on a horse.
So, its been ten years +/- since I've last been on a horse.
I now am on the hunt for a way to ride before
I get started with ECHO when I am back in the States.
I loved it

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