Tuesday, October 20, 2009

I love strangers

Just a quick note about my day. As I was coming back from cooking lunch in Bosa I had to travel from to calle 100 to go by the DAS building to ask about visa stuff. This is a long ride. Normaly I get off at calle 51 Marley. As I road along it began to rain. This began in the south section so I was thinking surley it'll ease up by the time I get to 100. I was also regretting leaving my umbrella in the apartment, this after having been warned to take it with me today. So as the rain continued and grew heavyer I longed to have my umbrella in hand and wondered how wet I would be at the end of the 20+/- block walk I had between the Transmilenio and the DAS building.

Wouldn't you know it. Just as I exited the terminal a kind man walked up behind me and gave me a gentle nudge to get my attention as he offered to walk with me and share the shelter of his umbrella. What a world we live in, when a perfect stranger litteraly reaches out to help another perfect stranger. He walked with me almost the entire way as we chatted about our lives. The first question he asked was..."where are you from". I supose as he had caught me talking on my phone my accent gave me away. So along the way I explained what I was doing here, he told me about his work and his brother who married a mexican woman who turns out to have prefered to live in mexico with their children while he works as a doctor in Bogota - an interesting discourse of the state of marriage progressed from there.

It was nice to arrive at DAS not nearly as wet as I would have without this kind offer and I was in a very good mood having had shared in plesant conversations with a kind gentlman.

Life can be surprising and so very lovely. Don't be afraid to strike up conversation with a stranger, people really can make a good day better.


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Alicia said...

tears came my eyes on that. I fully agree with talking to strangers. ;)