Sunday, May 17, 2009

A small archive of photos from months past

All of these Pictures are from the mission in the South where we mento the Kids at an afterschool programe. 
that is the church/mission center in the background
The children are so very loving and caring to oneanother
They are so darn cute
Audra and I belting out "the little tea-pot" song....
we are just about to - pour out -
flower power in action
a few of the children decided to adorn us with native flora
Diego's impish little smile betrays him.

A train running up and down the hill 
I love these kids
To the unknowing eye this might appear as an English class 
Actually those three had made a game of who can goose LauraCatherine's leg
Bishop Duque's family.  His three girls have been studying at a university in Buenos Aires since Feberuary
Mirium and Oscar, the wonderfull couple who hosted both me and Audra
Oscar is still wearing the helmet because of the piece of scull removed after a toumor was removed
This is me and Audra's mom, along with the rest of the crew getting down and funky with live music.  
I love Latin America!
The bishop, a priest and a congragant showing off their dance moves.
This is our dear and lovely Cathedral decked out for a comitioning cerimony; 
specifically for our beloved Father Juan Carlos... whoop! whoop!

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