Monday, January 25, 2010

oops forgot to post this one

5 days and counting; I must admit it is a disconcerting feeling. I think of all I still want to do and what I realistically have time for and I have to pause for a moment to take a deep breath. It is not easy to leave Colombia. I am in love with this country. I am comfortable here. I have some favorite restaurants and local foods. I still have so much to see. Oh, and then there is the thermal park, most likely my favorite place in the world. I am dearly fond of the people I interact with day in and day out, leaving friends is always difficult. I see how I could easily make a good life for myself here. Unfortunately this path would require teaching English as my primary work, which is not what I aspire to. So, as a HUGE blessing from God, I have the ECHO internship to set my eyes. This is what I aspire to: sustainable agricultural practices, bringing healing to our brothers and sisters and Christ. That is what the ECHO internship is all about.

It will be wonderful and a bit difficult to reunite with family and friends. Just as a heads up, please don’t ask me to sum up a years of experience in one meeting. That’s just not going to happen. Yet I will share with you what I can and the rest will come with time…and the reading of the blogs, hehehe.

I am already pulling plans together for my return visit that will be in two or three years.

Things to be excited about: I will be getting off the plane in Atlanta to have some much needed sisterly bonding time, I so look forward to having Sunday morning breakfast with my dad at Continental Bakery, tea and cooking dinner with my dear girlfriends, I hope to get in a football game with my Aunt and Uncle and visit Mississippi, returning to Camp McDowell for 6 weeks and a bit of trail running. Between work and before ECHO I will be retiring this blog to open up a new one that will hopefully follow me through all of my travels and experiences, including the internship. I will let you know when that happens.

In the mean time I am just having fun in Bogotá with Lucho , Kate and Brittany. I don’t actually plan on getting into the office much before I leave, I prefer to work in the apartment or still-off to a coffee shop. I will send out at least one more message before my return flight, the 13 of December. I will be back in Birmingham by the 21st +/-. Much Love, much to anticiate, please send many prayers.

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