Monday, April 13, 2009

What's the view like

So now it has been more than a few weeks since the convention has pased Audra and I have be

en concentrating on hamering down a concrete schedule with Father Carlos to work twice a week with the mission in the south of bogotá.  

A  blog can be a place where one can share what events have pased, not often do I remember to also share what it is like for me to be living these events. 

The longer I am here the more I realize I have to learn.  First in regards to language.  You know, sometimes I think I know my stuff and I am just rambling on in Spanish spiting out profound thought and making interesting points only to realize that either a) they didn't understand a word I was saying or more likely and even more frustrating b) my lack of grammer skills kills the poinancy of whatever I was talking about and the conversation turns into a Spanish lesson.  Ahhh!! 


Ok, so really, what I have to say isn't quite so profound, most of the time.  Latley my   experience with Spanish has been more of a challenge than the first couple of months.

  I spend a lot of time trying to pull together enough vocabulary  and grammer since to put my frases together sufficiently to be understood.  It seems as though most of my time is spent just trying to not trip over my own toung.

Second.  Robin, you were so right.  Robin is a Missionary who is currently in the Sudan. She was in Libiria as a missionary season before last;  she also attended and sincirley enriched our traning in New York.   During the training I expressed a concern that when I was in Ecuador my personality changed for the

 worse, by becoming terribly indisisive, self doubting and fearful about money and other things.  I asked what I could do to prevent this from hapening.  She said - you can't prevent it, the best thing you can do is to realize this is God calling you to be changed/transformed in Him; don't try to fight it, go to God and let Him transform you.  

Well, I havn't returned to being that same person I was in Ecuador, thanks be to God, however I am still realizing I am not the person God intends for me to be.  Over the past few weeks I have felt my stress level steadily escalate., I didn't even realize I was reaching my max stress level untill I realized how much hair I was losing on a daily bases (first noted by my hair stylest).  It is not caused by any one event / thing inparticular, but for general reasons I supose.  Traveling around is rich and rewarding, but it dosn't allow for a routine, which I thrive on, nor does it make regular excersize easy.  It hapens to be my third month in Colombia and there is a three month mark that we were warned about in mission training where things might go a bit awray in ones person while abroad.  I hit that date right on the head.  Latley I have been contending with analizing a future that I couldn't possibly come to a conclusion about (because it hasn't occured, a basic thought that seems to escape me at times).   But thanks to caring advice from Audra, and tender words from Dad I was encouraged to focuse on getting in some basic excersise each day and go from there. 

-What I am missing at the moment: Sunday morning breakfast with my dad at the bakery, wakeing up at Camp McDowel and weekend evenings with my Aunt and Uncle

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