Monday, March 16, 2009

Nice Company

This past week I had the pleasure of staying with a couple from the church - Mirium and Oscar.  Audra has been away in Atlanta where, thanks be to God, she succesfully obtained her Missionary Visa which is good for one year.  She just might be staying beyond September.  I decided that it would be wiser to stay with friends durring Audras abscense. These wholy generouse people were Audra's host family before I arrived.  While Audra was staying with them Oscar was in the hospital having a massive tumor removed from his brain the size of a large fist!  He is now doing quite well.  He still has a place where they removed the tumor and they didn't replace the skull there in order to protect against infection.  He must wear a helmet wenever he is out and about because if he should fall and hit his head there it would kill him.  As a result of the tumor, that had been growing for 10 years, Oscars personality had taken on being stubborn and in a bad humor.  This is still the case at times and is difficult on Mirium.  However they are an extreemly loving family, still obviously  inlove.  This is such a remarkable example of God redeeming their relationship.  Many people might have bailed on such a trying and difficult situation but they each have a beautifully inspiring faith that carries them through the hard times.  Mirium and Oscar have been so, so very generous in sharing their home and time with me.  This experience was a lot better than when I stayed by myself while Audra was away.  

Saturday we went to the church were I taught english for a couple of hours.  There is some sort of a class set up from 830am saturday morning, where Audra and I teach english class for two hours, then we have two hours of philosophy/theology.  Wellk, that is the theory at least.  It has worked out like that only once.  This past saturday was exclusivly English class for two hours with Mirium, Oscar and John (our friend and the guard on duty at the time). 

On our way back home I went a hair salon that Mirium recomended.  Ok, folks so for those who don't know this about me, I am very particular about who touches my hair with sharp instruments.  Infact I have only had one man cut my hair for 20+ years.  Beyond that Beth Ann's sister Nicole had been the only other person to cut my hair.  So this was a big deal, but a neccesary step to take.  With some aprehention I sat down in the barbers chair and in my not quite perfect spanish described exactley how I wanted my hair.  Man I was tense.  The result.... I now have a new hairstylest.  I am so pleased.  

I then went back to Mirium and Oscar's home where I shared lunch with both of them plus Mirium's mother, sister and brother.  It was lovely.  It didn't pass me by without taking note of how nice it was to be in such company.  Sunday I attended both services and had a relaxing time chatting with parishiners.  Rev. John Carlos gave another riviting sermon that spot lighted on the old testement reading.  How there should be no god before the one true God and how that relates to our lives.  At the 11 o'clock service there was a guest sermon from one of the other priests that serves at the Cathedral.  It was his first sermon and he did great.  He chose to focus on the Gospel, which was Christ driving out the market from the synagogue.  He dirrected the sermon to Christs humanity in his anger and when is anger called for.  After the service the music dirrector petitioned that I join them to sing durring Holy Week.  So this Tuesday, tomorrow, it seems as though I will be going to practice.  It makes me a bit nervous to sing with only a couple other people, but I am happy to be able to participate more fully in the parish.  I'll be sure to let you know how that goes, fingers crossed =.).  

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